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Business plans

A business plan is undoubtedly one of the most crucial documents for any business. It is a comprehensive description of your company, its objectives, products/services, personnel and operational as well as financial plan. We specialise in writing business plans for startups (including pre-revenue companies) as well as fairly established companies who are looking to expand their operations.

Business Plan types

There are various different formats for writing a business plan. And although the basic crux of them all are quite identical, they still differ from each other based on some granular details. We write plans that can be used for the following use cases:

What does it Include?

Business Plan structure

Every business plan will include all or most of the following categories depending on your requirements:

Executive Summary

Financial Summary

Products and Services

Target Customer Profile

Market Overview and Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Risk Analysis

Marketing Strategy


Legal Requirements

Management Profile and Staff

Financial Analysis

Financial Forecasts

Relevant Appendices

How does it work?

01. Initial Consultation

The process starts by an initial consultation with our business planning consultant. The aim of this discussion is to gather preliminary details from the client in order to develop an understanding of their company, offerings, business model and purpose for the business plan.


02. Information Exchange

Once the client has been onboarded, we send them an electronic form designed carefully to extract all relevant details necessary to start building a first draft. The responses to this questionnaire form a basis for the market research and financial modelling as well

03. Market Research

We then start researching the relevant target market and industry trends. This also includes a review of the client’s direct and indirect competitors.


04.Final Plan

The first complete draft of the business plan (including financial model) usually takes about 8-10 days to complete. After a few rounds of revision, we hand over the working files of the plan and the model to the client.

Industries we have worked for

Real Estate








Blockchain. Cryto


Non Profit

Food, Beverage and FMCG


Automation, Aviation

Professional Services

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