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Every business needs someone that can steer it in the right direction from a strategic viewpoint. It needs a strong and powerful leadership whether it’s the CEO, COO or CFO. In most cases, startups or fairly smaller companies do not have the funds or the need to hire a full-time CFO. Or they simply cannot find the right fit! This is where ONS comes in.

We provide our CFOaaS as an on-going support to tackle finance-related challenges (like KPI/metrics, FP&A, fundraising, growth planning and budgeting) that further help in decision-making. Think of it as a flexible partnership between us and your company. We give you the necessary financial know-how, direction, strategic leadership and decades of relevant experience to leverage as per your requirements and convenience.
As your interim CFO, we become an integral part of your team and put that knowledge to work for you. 

We provide several key functions

Leadership & support

We provide your start-up with a support structure and direction that is needed in the initial stages in order to align the company’s finance to the founders’ overall objectives.

Financial discipline

As interim CFO, we help you set the right financial tone for your company ensuring current and any future investment is used efficiently.

Financial planning & analysis

We provide accurate, timely, high quality financial analysis and advice to decision-makers and link the strategy of your company to the operating and capital budget.

Modeling & forecasting

We construct a working model of how your business should perform financially if certain strategies are executed and milestones are reached. This model is based on three scenarios: pessimistic, normal and optimistic.

Financial reporting & dashboards

By designing and producing reports and dashboards, we make apparent the actual financial operation and health of the business as measured against the forecasts and budgets.

M&A support

For startups, a merger or acquisition represents the exit strategy. Our M&A advisory team works with clients throughout the deal lifecycle and have developed relationships with large corporations that are always looking to invest in profitable startups.

Best practices

One of the biggest advantages of interim CFO is the varied experience and industry contacts that come from working with multiple startups and industries. We see trends, what works, and what doesn’t. This allows us to continuously bring proven practices to your startup and leverage from our extensive experience.

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