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Company Valuations

Company Valuations

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and to develop bespoke valuation solutions to complex issues. We focus on understanding the business dynamics of the company and identifying the key value drivers of the sector in which it operates.

We have extensive experience in valuing companies and assets across a broad range of industry sectors. We draw on our extensive sector knowledge derived from both consultancy and executive management experience to identify the correct approach to provide insightful, reliable and robust valuation opinions for our clients’ needs.
Our client base comprises FTSE 100 companies, governments, lawyers and regulators as well as individuals and entrepreneurial businesses, and covers a wide range of sectors including Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Energy & Utilities (including Water, Oil & Gas and Renewables), Healthcare, F&B, Real Estate, Technology, Media and Telecommunications.


Business Plan structure

There are many occasions in the corporate life cycle when a business needs to be valued. These are :

Mergers and Acquisitions

Raising finance

Strategic decisions and operational review

Financial Reporting

Involved in a dispute

Valuations for tax disputes, compliance or planning

Restructuring your business

Valuation approach

While estimating/calculating the valuation of a company, it is important to arrive at a possible number by using more than one approach. This is done to provide confidence and reaffirm the accuracy of the valuation.

There are three approaches to valuation:

  • Income Approach
    Converts future cash flows generated over the remaining useful life to a current value, through the application of a discount rate that reflects the time value of money and risk.
  • Market Approach
    Compares the business in question to similar businesses in the industry that have available market data
  • Asset Approach
    Values a business as the sum of the values of its individual assets and liabilities.

Each of the above approaches have different valuation techniques within them. Our valuation analysts take more than one approach to valuation and use different techniques within those approaches to give our clients the best valuation estimate or even a range for reference. Our final product is not a mere excel sheet but a detailed report that clearly describes the company’s business model, industry, total market and the approach we followed to arrive at a particular valuation.

Industries we have worked for

Real Estate








Blockchain. Cryto


Non Profit

Food, Beverage and FMCG


Automation, Aviation

Professional Services

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