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Financial Analysis & Modeling

Financial modelling is the key ingredient to the successful working of any business – whether it’s a startup or a multi-national corporation. However different these organisation types might be, they have the same objective when it comes to analysing the financial health of their company. For this reason, it is imperative that the financial infrastructure of the company is robust and dynamic enough to respond, in real-time, to the changing corporate environment.

Institutions these days are facing an increasingly risk-based and rapidly changing business environment which makes sound on-going financial analysis and reporting more critical than ever. Apart from regulatory scrutiny, keeping a close check on a company’s current and future performance is important from a growth and even survival perspective.

Our financial analysts help companies by building strong and robust financial models based in Excel that can in turn help them make critical decisions. We make extra effort to build models that are easy to understand and use, reliable and of course are relevant to the business model. However, we do make models based on programming languages, mostly Python, to build more complex non-traditional models that cannot be built in Excel.

Our Core Competencies

Financial analysis

Account Reconciliation

Econometric modelling and statistical analysis in R programming language

Excel Dashboards and MS Excel Calculators

Budgeting and Forecasting

Business Modeling (3- & 5-year forecasts)

Financial Modeling

Asset Allocation Modeling (Efficient frontier calculation)

Business Valuation (CAPM, WACC, IRR, ROI, ROA, DCF, Waterfall)

Ratios Analysis, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Equity research, Credit Research

Data analysis

Asset Valuation, Pricing and Simulation

Monte Carlo

Preparing financial and other reports

Scholes-Williams Market Model

Black-Scholes Model, Greeks, VaR

Mean-Variance Optimization techniques (Markovitz Theory)

What-if Analysis for Sales forecasts and other purposes

Due Diligence

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Industries we have worked for

Real Estate








Blockchain. Cryto


Non Profit

Food, Beverage and FMCG


Automation, Aviation

Professional Services

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