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M&A Support

M&A Support

Our M&A Advisory team supports a range of clients, from large corporates to sole-owner managed businesses, in executing successful M&A transactions. This includes helping clients make acquisitions, disposals and also to raise external funding.

Advisory Services

We provide outstanding advice to public companies, private companies and management teams. We have:

  • Industry-specific knowledge and insights
  • Transaction structuring expertise
  • Relationships with both equity and debt funders, industry experts and key market participants

We support our clients through various stages of the deal lifecycle including

Identify the investment opportunity.
Clients use our impartial guidance to identify optimal acquisition targets and good companies to invest in. We do so by conducting extensive research on potential targets.

How we help

After completing more than 600 projects over the years, ONS has built up significant target screening expertise. Among other things, we can help you:

  • Evaluate market and geographic segments for untapped business opportunities
  • Review and screen relevant markets in detail
  • Identify potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives
  • Make initial deal introductions and support early-phase activities

Value the opportunity. Our experienced analysts can help you evaluate potential target companies by using different valuation techniques in order to assess the target company’s standalone value as well as the post-synergy value.

Valuation is at the core of all M&A activities. Assessing a business’s value is the starting point to a transaction whether you are a buyer or seller. A valuation of assets at an early stage of the M&A process enables a buyer to understand the seller’s motivation for the transaction. Producing a robust valuation requires a detailed analysis of the business, and understanding of its key value drivers, its competitive strengths and weaknesses and the risks as well as opportunities it faces.

This detailed analysis is essential for:

  • assessing the reasonableness and risks of future income streams which are the foundation of income-based valuations;
  • identifying benchmark comparables which are the basis of valuation under the market approach.

Our team have extensive experience in valuing companies and assets across a broad range of industry sectors. We draw on our extensive sector knowledge derived from both consultancy and executive management experience to determine the appropriate valuation methodology to provide well-informed, insightful, robust and transparent valuation opinions.

Inspect the opportunity. It is extremely crucial to conduct an in-depth review of the target company and know what you’re buying. Whether it’s a cross-border merger of industry giants or a potential joint venture, you have to validate your assumptions, and ensure you have a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks and the implications for value, before the deal goes through. The stakes are too high to simply rely on the target company’s claims.

How we help

We can help you with any or all parts of your due diligence strategy. For example, we can:

  • Evaluate the attractiveness of the target market by looking at:
  • Market development
  • Product mix, pricing and distribution channels
  • The regulatory environment
  • Customer preferences and demand
  • Analyze the target company’s competitive position in areas such as:
  • Entry and exit barriers
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Product innovation and performance
  • Marketing and sales performance
  • Validate the target company’s business plan, including revenue and operational margin
  • Assess regulatory scrutiny
  • Forecast how market changes could impact a deal’s value
  • Assess risks and rewards
  • Provide relevant research before completing any transaction

Our other support services include

o   Specialist support for in-house M&A teams

  • We provide specialist support to in-house M&A teams for our institutional clients. This offering focuses on providing specialist sector and transaction advice to larger corporates, helping to successfully deliver clients’ M&A strategies.
  • We provide an alternative approach to delivering M&A services, tailored to the in-house team’s needs. Our service helps clients to benefit from the comfort of our M&A advisory expertise, and the ability to utilise selected services as required.
  • This service can be particularly suited to complex transactions or where an in-house team is busy managing multiple processes.

o   M&A Pitchbooks

We often hear how bankers like to complain about, well a lot of things, but the top of the list is undoubtedly “investment banking pitch books.” Most analysts swear that you will devote all your hours to creating these documents, while others say that they’re extremely time-consuming but not that terrible to create.

Nevertheless, it is a burden they are always willing to share, or even better, transfer to someone else given the opportunity. We help IB analysts prepare pitchbooks for their M&A clients in order to help them persuade a client or potential client to take action and pay for the bank’s services. If the pitchbook is being used by investment advisors, it may include their biographical information such as experience, educational qualifications, licenses, and industry awards. The sales team of an investment bank use the details outlined in the pitchbook to sell its services to potential clients.

Any pitch book that we create most likely has the following high-level structure

Situation, or "Current State" :

Your prospective client is looking for growth.

Hypothesis, or "Solution" :

Acquiring a growing company can meet the potential client’s need for growth.

Complication, or "Problem" :

The potential client’s growth rate has been slowing down.

We then go into detail showing why the hypothesis might be true – including why your team is qualified to lead this transaction, similar transactions you’ve led before, and the valuation this company can expect to receive.

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