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Pitch Decks & Fundraising Assistance

Pitch Decks & Fundraising Assistance

Pitch decks are essential fundraising tools for startup companies today, whether a founder is after $50,000 or $20 million. Most of the big names we see today started out small with a bright, young founder who at some point put together a PowerPoint slideshow and blew away investors with the next breakthrough. But is it that simple?

Writing a winning Pitch Deck

We were once told by a VC that they receive, on an average, roughly 5000 startup plans in a QUARTER! Now that is a lot. And what’s difficult is to stand out in that crowd. Before you find yourself in a meeting room face-to-face with a potential investor, you need to go through a hierarchy of interns, analysts, associates etc before you are even looked at by a decision maker.

We know you have a brilliant idea! But what we can help you with is getting noticed. And acing that first investor meeting. Our team of strategy consultants and bankers have been in tons of such meetings and thus we know what gets noticed and what does not. We craft your pitch deck in a manner that appeals to its audience. We cut through the corporate waffle, the tech jargon and focus only on what matters. With the help of our pitch decks, our clients have collectively raised more than $300mn so far.

How do we do it?

We help you create a pitch that has the maximum impact on your audience.

  • Content: We think from your audience’s perspective and try to answer any possible questions that they might have.
  • Flow: Storytelling is an art that surprisingly most people these days lack. We make sure your pitch sounds more like you and less like a presentation copied off the internet!
  • Focus: We make sure to convey more in lesser words. Focusing on one idea in each slide keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Design: We prefer to keep our decks simple, clean and uncluttered. Our designs are creative and unique but at the same time do not distract the reader from the core message.


We just did your business plan helped you prepare a winning pitch deck and so naturally the next service we can and ideally should provide to a start up is assistance with raising start up investment. We provide an end-to-end service throughout the fund seeking process; right from identifying potential investors to signing the actual deal. We follow a phased approach to make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to manage decision-making. Our process includes:


The first phase is all about helping you reach investor-readiness through improvement of your business and investment case as well as fundraising materials.
We will make sure your fundraising materials including business model canvas, one-pagers, business plan and investor pitch decks are in accordance with investor preferences by either helping you create them from scratch or performing an in-depth quality assurance review of your existing materials.



The next phase includes compiling an extensive list of potential investors to approach. Depending on the type and amount of investment, business model and industry we will identify suitable investors (i.e. angel or VC) who’s appetite, preferences and risk tolerance match with your particular business. We scan our Investor database for investors looking at opportunities like yours (based on geography, industry, stage, check size etc).


Once we have identified and scoped out relevant investors, we reach out to decision makers to collect interest and feedback on the investment opportunity. We meet with potential investor contacts, answer the first set of questions and then organize pitch calls & meetings between you and interested investors.



We assist in investment negotiations and contract formalities as well as due diligence that takes place after a formal interest has been shown in your business case.
We help finalise the investment terms & conditions by taking part in investor meetings and negotiations. We also assist in the due diligence process that investors carry out before making a final commitment which includes certain checklists and documents such as financial due diligence, team information, Legal enquiries check sheet, detailed sales/marketing strategy, post-money valuation report etc.



Managing use of raised proceeds is more challenging than actually raising those funds. We help you make strategic decisions so as to use the raised investment in the most optimised manner by providing interim CFO support (CFOaaS), and comprehensive strategic planning. As your interim CFO, we help you set the right financial tone for your business to ensure any current and future investment is utilised in the most efficient and accountable manner.

Standard Pitch Deck Format

The Problem/ Opportunity


Company description and products / services

Market Potential

Competitor analysis

SWOT analysis

Team information

Business Model

Financial projections and assumptions

Investment Ask and ROI

Industries we have worked for

Real Estate








Blockchain. Cryto


Non Profit

Food, Beverage and FMCG


Automation, Aviation

Professional Services

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