ONS Business Consulting

Ishan Chadha


Ishan has pursued Marketing & Accountancy from Harvard University and his expertise lies in building comprehensive business strategies from scratch. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and ran his 70-year old family business for 8 years. He is a successful entrepreneur and has previously had two successful exits, the last one being a unique clothing line that was acquired by a large retailer in India. He founded ONS Business Consulting in 2012 and now works as a strategy consultant, along with his team, helping startups reach their full potential by providing valuable insights and guidance around building the business model, go-to-market strategy, capital structure and operational governance. Ishan has helped numerous startups raise Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A funding including a recent $1mn raise for a private healthcare clinic in London. Ishan also founded ONSBooks, the finance and business management partner of ONS Business Consulting, that provides accountancy and bookkeeping services. His most recent venture, Stellar Business Plans, was founded with an objective of providing a seamless, quick and transparent platform to founders and entrepreneurs looking to get a business plan written at affordable prices. Ishan holds a sterling track record of working with startups in the technology, real estate, finance, aviation, healthcare and F&B industries. He has previously worked as a research consultant for Microsoft, marketing consultant for Coca Cola (India), strategic advisor for Bob Marley Estates and business consultant for Harley Street Healthcare Clinic (London)